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I just then had seen flying above the bushes, did not have the michael kors handväska
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extended wing-like fins of the orthodox flyer. miu miu väskor
This fish was a trout. I had seen enough of them to feel sure of that. True, I had seen trout jump out of the water, for a fly or to get väskor
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but I never before saw a trout hermes väskor
climb fifteen or twenty feet into the air, over the tops väska
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of bushes and young trees and land on michael kors
the bank. [Illustration: Wading Salmon River] This was surely a matter that required explanation. An investigation was necessary, and without hesitation I assumed väska
the role of sleuth. Carefully stepping out of the water, I sat tory burch väskor
on a rock and took off my wading togs, then on stockinged handväskor
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the bank. Peering through the bushes, I saw that since my last ferragamo väskor
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a large birch tree michael kors handväska
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pool and that the trunk of this tree was väskor
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Her back was toward me, and she was in michael kors väskor
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in the water. I was just marc jacobs väskor
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to see a sudden movement of the submerged paw and to see another trout, about twelve inches long, michael kors classic tote
go sailing through the air and fall behind some bushes just beyond where I was in hiding. Rustling and squealing sounds coming from the direction in gucci michael kors handbags
which the fish had gone, indicated that michael kors väskor
a pair of cubs were behind the bushes, giorgio armani väskor
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perhaps, ten minutes later I saw a third michael kors
trout fly over väska
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the bushes toward the cubs. About this time the bear turned her head, sniffed the air in my direction, prada väskor
and with a low growl and a "Whoof," started briskly for shore, climbed the bank, collected the two cubs and made off into the woods, smashing brush and fallen limbs of trees, occasionally pausing to send back, in her own language, a remark michael kors handbags
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fishing operations. The mystery of the flying trout was now solved, but a new conundrum was presented to my enquiring mind; namely, how did the old lady catch them? With what did the bear bait her hooks? I have told the story to many guides and woodsmen of my acquaintance, and from them have sought an answer to the question. Bige expressed the opinion that the bear dug worms, wedged them in between her toe-nails, and when michael kors sverige
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fish nibbled the worms the bear grabbed him. Frank referred to the well known pungent odor of the bear, especially of his feet, the tracks made by which a dog michael kors skorpios
can smell hours, or even days after the bear has passed. He said that fish are attracted by the odor. Also that many years ago, he had caught fish by putting oil of rhodium on the bait, and that "fish could smell it clear across the pond." Frank admitted michael kors jet set tote
that this method of fishing was not sportsman-like and that he had discontinued the practice. George said he had many times watched trout in a pool rub their sides against moss covered stones and often settle down upon the moss and rest there. He opined that they mistook the fur on the michael kors handbags
bear's paw for a handväskor
particularly desirable variety of moss, and so were caught. At this point in my investigations, I was reminded that a few years ago there was conducted, in the columns of several fishing and hunting magazines, a very serious discussion of the question, "Can fish be caught by tickling?" Many contributors took part in this discussion. There were advocates of both positive and negative side of the question. My old friend Hubbard, an expert fisherman, of wide experience, assured me that michael michael kors skorpios
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he, many years ago, had discarded the landing net; that when he hooked a lake trout, a bass or a "musky," and had played his fish until it was so exhausted that it could be reeled in and led up alongside the boat, it was his practice to "gently insert his hand in the michael kors hamilton
water under the fish and tickle it on the stomach, when the fish would settle down in his hand and go to sleep, then he would lift it into the boat." [Illustration: An Expert Trout Fisher] This testimony took me back in memory to a time, many years ago, at a little red school house on the hill, in a New England country school district, where my young ideas took their first lessons in shooting. "Us fellers" then looked upon boys of twelve and thirteen years as the "big boys" of the school. We still believed in Santa Claus, and we knew that a bird could not be caught without first "putting salt on handväskor
its tail." A brook crossed the road at the foot of the hill and ran down through farmer Barnum's pasture. In this brook, during the noon recess and after school had closed for the day, with trousers rolled up and with bare feet, we waded and fished. We caught them with our hands, and we kept them alive. Each boy had his "spring hole," scooped out of the sand near the edge of the stream, in which he kept the fish caught. Of course, whenever it rained, and the water rose in the brook, these spring holes were washed away and the fish escaped. But when the waters subsided, they had to be caught again. Sometimes, we caught a chub as much as four inches long; and on rare occasions, when a "horned dace, a five incher" was secured, the boy who got him was a hero. It was the firm conviction of every boy in our gang, that, no matter how securely a fish was cornered between the two hands and behind and under a sod or stone, he could not safely be lifted out of the water without first "tickling him on the belly." Reverting to the suggestion made by Bige. There would be no doubt as to the bear's ability to dig worms. She is an expert digger, carries her garden tools with her. She has been known to dig a hole under a stump or rock, six or eight feet deep, in which she sleeps all winter. I have, myself, seen a bear dig wild turnips and have seen rotten stumps and logs torn to bits by their claws; which was done in a hunt for grubs. I therefore felt certain that if the bear dug any worms she would not use them for fish bait, but would herself eat them. With a judicial attitude of mind, michael kors
considering all the evidence

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